Team Uniform Program

The Beyond-X team uniform program is one of the most comprehensive there is worldwide.

What separates us from the rest is that we own and run our sewing factory. This enables us to offer and hold our promises listed here. We don’t delegate responsibility, but make sure ourselves that things get done the way they should!

A fact is that this is not an ordinary product oriented homepage, but more of a workbook on how our entire collection can be customized to create a uniform look for a ski team, ski school or ski area.

This is all made possible because:

1. A wide range of garments intended for specialty needs and several price levels (B200, B600 and V300 range garments can be designed to look almost identical). That all can be joined together in to one team uniform.

2. A wide range of sizes from kids 120 to adult XXXL, where some adult sizes are available in extra long or extra short leg lengths.

3. Component system where suspenders, hoods, snow-skirts and for some styles even quilted insulation can be added, if so desired.

4. Extreme custom coloration capability where offering of several standard fabrics in a number of standard colors, with a coloration scheme easily changed through our Internet Colorlab makes it possible to choose among over 5 million possible color ways.

5. NO MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITIES! Order as many or as few garments as you want.

6. Re-Order Possibility for a minimum of three seasons.

7. Several order deadlines every season. Making it possible for new members to join in during seasons.

8. Comprehensive custom embroidery service, and/or sew-on patches on to the garments.

9. And, as if that would not be enough, we also offer custom printing on to garments like Speed Suits, Race Training and SoftShell. And the latest addition that also certain areas on outerwear can be custom printed.

Your fantasy is the only limit for what can be done with Beyond-X!