Video from first Pro Tour event in 17 years


The World Pro Ski Tour® will launch in the winter of 2017 as the most exciting ski racing event based in North America. We will bring back the spirit and format of past pro tours with a modern revitalization for long-term success and stability in the 21st century. By placing two athletes side-by-side in a “dual” format, spectators on site and the TV audience get a faster, easier to understand, and more entertaining experience than traditional ski racing. This format has even been approved for competition in the 2018 Winter Olympics! Our tour will be extremely sponsor friendly by providing national television exposure for branded assets throughout the hill in addition to five-star hospitality packages with skiing, lodging, and VIP tents during the races.


By highlighting a visually compelling platform for dual action, the World Pro Ski Tour® creates the utmost exciting venue within the sport. We will provide an opportunity for brands to invest in ski racing through a modern and sponsor friendly format with Olympic, World Cup, and former NCAA competitors. Our events will take place at the finest resorts in the world to provide sponsors and spectators with the best experience possible. Our team is made up of experienced pro tour athletes and organizers combined with the best young and energized sports marketing and event production employees in the ski industry.


Television is a fundamental component for the World Pro Ski Tour®, both as an exposure vehicle for the Tour and as the basis for an integrated sponsorship program. The WPST  capitalize on the appeal of ski racing and the dual format. Broadcast production will be controlled by our own staff with over fifteen years of pro tour television experience in a High-Definition, tape delay format during the following weekend. The broadcasts will be professional, dynamic, and state of the art in order to fully maximize the value of a WPST sponsorship package.


The World Pro Ski Tour® provides an exceptional opportunity for sponsors to entertain executives or guests through different events throughout the weekend. Each event will feature a unique setting and itinerary that incorporates the essential components of a well conceived hospitality program. VIP benefits include ski passes, clinics with the Pros, on-site hospitality access and credentials, invitations to exclusive evening functions and gift bags. The on-hill hospitality tent will provide food and refreshments all day, a perfect way to enjoy the action.


  • WHO: Olympic, World Cup, and NCAA Competitors.
  • WHAT: The Dual Format is unique and exciting, creating a TV, sponsor, and spectator friendly event.
  • WHERE: Our events will be located at premier resorts across the US and Canada All events will take place close to the base area, which offers an improved spectator experience for skiers and foot traffic alike.
  • WHEN: Winter of 2017!
  • WHY: We are bringing sponsors and spectators an opportunity to participate in a global sport here in North America.
  • HOW: Our team has 100+ years of event, sponsor, and television production experience in the ski racing industry.

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