Most Beyond-X garments can easily be custom colored.

These garments are designed with a number of color-ranges, that each can be filled with any of our standard fabrics and choice of color.

Combining two or more color ranges, filling them with the same color, the appearance of for example a jacket can be greatly change. The illustrations, on the product pages of, this homepage merely show possible ways to color block a certain style.

To explore the vast possibilities and to color block a garment, visit the color lab page or select a garment of choice and follow the link to the color lab for direct access to this garments color page. Here you can play around with different coloration options and possibilities to find a custom coloration of your choice.

Please note that at the same time as you work within the color lab the color combination code will become updated. This code must then be entered in to an order for production of the garment of your choice.

Click here to access the color lab!