Custom Race Suits

In addition to our standard print designs and coloration options, Beyond-X offers a vast range of individual customizing. To find out more about prices and sizes, please contact a representative near you.

Screen Printing

It is possible to add digitally printed logos to all our designs and color ways. However there are some restrictions. All standard designs can be ordered in custom colors once a year, with a 20-pieces minimum order. With a 100-pieces minimum you can order your very own designed screen printed suit. And then there is…

Digital Printing

… where everything is possible and there are no limits and no minimums, one single race suit is totally fine! Only your imagination is what limits the custom design you make.

Our racing suits can be re-ordered year after year, making team uniform suits last intact for many seasons. The ones that care for their suits can keep them for many years, and used suits can be sold to new or other members in the same team.