No Bullshit Ski Wear (About)

History and values

Beyond-X was founded in 1999 with the goal of becoming the best team program in the world. There may be disagreement about whether we have succeeded. It depends on what values ​​you put in the word “Team Program”?

But when we actually founded the concept in 1994 with the Spyder ProGear, we should also be qualified to evaluate this. And we see a lot of “Bullshit” marketing where competitors claim that they can offer everything Beyond-X can. Then it takes two years and then the possibility of supplementing more garments fails. Or the clothes begins fall apart. Or the fabrics get bleached.

Beyond-X is “No Bullshit Ski Wear” meaning that what we promised, we keep!

And what we’ve promised is:

  • To be able to make several million different color combinations in our standard program.

  • To be able to supplement the garments in at least 3 seasons.

  • That the clothes should be as durable that nearly all garments are capable of at least four seasons.

The result of “No Bullshit Ski Wear” is that, after four seasons of use they have the best value on the market. The combination of durability and supplementing opportunity allows a team’s uniform to be kept intact for many years, and those who care for their garments can definitely get at least 4 seasons out of them.

For clothes that need to be changed every other season to compete in terms of cost, they must cost less than half of Beyond-X clothing! And the clothes lying on that price level almost always have an inadequate level of function.