About Ski Area Garments

Ski Area garments is one of our specialities. These are extremely demanding customers, where durability and re-order ability is of great importance for cost saving without quality compromising. Of course being able to use a uniform for 4 years instead of 2 or 3 years will save money. Our own sewing factory makes us uniquely qualified to service this segment of the market and its demands.

Mixing new and old styles. The continuous character of the Beyond-X brand makes it possible to combine jackets and pants from different collections and years into one uniform as one desires. As an example, it’s fully possible to use a brand new BA550 jackets and combine it with a three year old BA518S Snowmaker pants, resulting in a great looking and functional Ski Area Personnel Uniform.

The Beyond-X Snowmaker collection is a good example on how we make specialized garments for Ski Area Workers. Snowmakers often work in the dark, with machinery and in very humid yet cold conditions. Therefor these pieces are black with large reflective areas, and with strategically placed double layer fabric .