Welcome To Beyond-X Ski Wear

Beyond-X is a distinctive team uniform program for alpine skiing which is not sold through traditional retail outlets. We have gone so far in our quest for perfection that we own our own sewing facility in Poland, to provide the diversity and level of service we consider necessary for a optimal functioning ski uniform program. The collection is very extensive, where a variety of garments for ski clubs, ski schools and ski areas can be selected, adapted and supplemented to for a long lasting uniform.



The result is that, without any order minimum, a single model can be colored in over 5 million different ways. Making it to possible the most flexible alpine team uniform program in the world.


Only a few examples of how different one set can look even with the use of the same colors.

The introduction of printable surfaces in which printed design elements can be inserted, expands the design opportunities endlessly!

Facts worth noting are that what is now regarded as almost self-evident in a team uniform program, being able to choose own color combinations, and to do this on garments for both children and adults were up to when we began offering this 1994 an unknown phenomenon. You were simply referred to typically 4-5 standard color combinations that a model was offered in. The fact that we also offer our customers supplement opportunities a number of years in the future is something that is still only a very few competitors can match.

For further customization, we offer in-house embroidery service so that the garments are produced finished with embroidery which are taped from the inside of the garment to retain its waterproofness. Also, patches can be sewn on and taped in production.


The whole Beyond-X collection is divided into different segments, where garments from one segment can fit into several other segments.

  • Race suits.
  • RTG-Race training garments consisting of SoftShell garments that is used over racing suits when training.
  • SoftShell jackets.
  • Fleece jackets.
  • Outerwear for ski area personnel.
  • Outerwear for coaches.
  • Outerwear for alpine ski clubs.
  • Gate panels and race bibs.

The following presentation covers outerwear, while the remaining segments are found elsewhere on our Website.

The next garments represent our latest offering, that are not limited to only these items, but also can be mixed with pieces from older collections. For example, usually the coach choose BA518 coaches pants to match any jacket anywhere in our collections.

Special features of this new collection is that the sleeves, chest and thighs offers a little tighter fit than previous models. Furthermore, these jackets are slightly longer. The ability to integrate printed surfaces has also been added on some jackets.

Once again, welcome!